Offering to the Trade

It’s all about consolidation. Being able to offer a wide range of products and services from a single supplier, that is both experienced in wine and supply chain management and connected to the industry, is our biggest value.

In regards to Texas wine, there are certain things we hear all the time from buyers across the industry. They have a hard time identifying what the quality Texas wines are. Once they do identify them, they have a difficult time maintaining those relationships, and if they are able to maintain the relationship the supply chain gets strained because the supplying winery can’t supply product effectively or doesn’t maintain its end of the relationship.

We are a partner for the wineries and brands we represent and a knowledgeable, single-point of contact for the accounts we supply to. If you are looking for Texas wines that the “other guys” just don’t carry, we are here for you.

We offer the following trade services:

Private Labels

A private label program is an incredible way to increase brand awareness, while securing brand exclusivity and increasing margin. We offer private label programs for customers interested in a contractual relationship.

Custom Sourcing, Blends and Packaging

Customers with specific requirements for the types, styles and price points of the wines they serve may need a custom sourcing solution. Entering into a contractual relationship lends itself to a custom sourcing solution that includes sourcing, importing if needed, blending if needed and packaging of wines in accordance with our customers needs.

Winery Direct and Direct Imports

Vinovium Partners is a federally permitted importer and through its permit offers ‘winery direct’ or ‘direct import’ wines and service for retail customers.

Consulting and Sommelier Services

Including all in-house functions related to program development, beverage management, service, and staff training

Texas Wine Connections

This includes services related to all external efforts related to Texas wine awareness, which includes winery tours, producer introductions and buying trips