About Vinovium Partners

Vinovium Partners is a Federally-bonded Texas wine cellar and blender and a bonded “G” (Winery) permit holder from the State of Texas, working primarily as a negociant. VP’s goal is to become the premier seller and marketer of fine wines packaged in recyclable commercial kegs and in recyclable consumer-oriented, aseptic packaging. 

It is part of our core values and mission to provide merchant services to the Texas wine industry so that quality Texas wines can be brought to market via a consolidated portfolio that is represented and managed by qualified and passionate wine professionals committed to Texas wine.

Our Team:

Craig Mayer


Craig has been involved in the fine wine industry since the mid-1980s, when he and his wife imported wines into the USA from various European countries (France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain) and brings a wealth of start-up and general management expertise to the organization.

Travis Graves

Vice President of Operations

Travis has extensive domestic and international supply chain experience and sound marketing research skills (as well as finance expertise) and brings sound experience sourcing and pricing products, managing vendors, and operational excellence.

Al Lucarelli

Vice President of Finance

Al is a CPA by profession and has extensive start-up and entrepreneurial experience, with deep skills in corporate financial planning and management.

Daniel Kelada

Vice President of Sales

Daniel has deep wine knowledge and sales experience, entrepreneurial know-how and extensive relationships in the wine industry, which greatly complements the overall skills and capabilities of the rest of VP’s management team.



  • Experience – members of the partner team have extensive experience in the wine industry, business and IT consulting, leaders in a number of start-ups and turnarounds and public sector entities, and as executives in Fortune 500 organizations.
  • Entrepreneurialism – with over 75 years collective experience as entrepreneurs, every partner knows from experience what it takes to start and sustain a business
  • Sales, Marketing and Brand Management – every partner is an experienced sales person and all have extensive sales and team management experience; in-depth and highly effective marketing experience (including brand management, forecasting, and planning) is shared by several of the partners
  • Financial Management – Because of the partner team’s experience managing past businesses, with several having advanced financial management experience as a CPA, CFO, and executive level finance experience for large corporations, the team has in-depth financial management experience, taking a conservative approach to sales forecasting, budgeting, pricing, and cash management
  • Supply Chain Management – Several members of the team have experience managing complex consumer product and digital supply chain operations across multiple time zones and continents
  • Winery Operations – With the willing assistance of other winery operators and owners in the industry, the team has sound knowledge of effective wine blending, wine storage, and wine handling practices (and winery operations “no-no’s”), including warehousing, distribution, procurement, and inventory management
  • International Business – The team has extensive international business experience, including partner selection, international packaging and labeling, container loading, freight forwarding, Incoterms, Letters of Credit and other international monetary instruments
  • Commitment – every partner in the firm is committed to the firm’s success and have made both personal financial and extensive unpaid time investments in the business; such commitment will continue, with the belief that hard work and team work will make VP the leading company in this emerging space in the Texas wine industry

Taking these factors – and many others – into account, VP’s management team is second-to-none in the Texas wine industry and well-positioned for starting, growing and profitably operating a Texas negociant business over time.